Birth guide


This is a list to remind you of issues that you may wish to include in your birth plan.
Discuss your birth plan with your doctor or midwife.
Give a copy to the midwife when you arrive at the hospital.

  1. Remain at home as long as possible before going to hospital.
  2. We request that caregivers support our wish to not have any procedures which could stand in the way of having the most natural birth possible.
  3. Return home until labour progresses if less than 4 cm dilated and there are no situations which require admission.
  4. To wear my own clothes in labour.
  5. Request an enema if bowels have not been opened.
  6. To keep myself hydrated and decline routine use of intravenous therapy unless medically indicated.
  7. Have only intermittent foetal heart monitoring after admission unless medically indicated.
  8. To have the minimal number of vaginal examinations to prevent early rupture of the membranes and avoid infections.
  9. Consider artificial initiation of labor only if labor is unusually delayed and there is medical urgency.
  10. If membranes are ruptured, delay induction for a reasonable period if mother and baby show no signs of infection.
  11. To be allowed to have nutritional snacks if desired, if labor is prolonged.
  12. Freedom to walk and move as desired during labor.
  13. Freedom to change positions and assume positions of choice.
  14. Full information of risks and benefits of each suggested medical intervention in non emercengy situations.
  15. For pain relief I wish to use:
    • A bath
    • Childbirth massage
    • Relaxation breathing exercises
    • Epidural
    • Hot packs
    • Music
    • Homeopathy
    • Aromatherapy
    • Pethidine
    • Entonox
  16. Choosing my own position for birth.
  17. Pushing begun on mother’s urge only. No active pussing unless medical urgency.
  18. Episiotomy only if necessary.
  19. No specific time limit on second stage if progress is being made and the baby is coping well.
  20. Watching baby’s birth with a mirror.
  21. Baby allowed to take first breaths unassisted.
  22. Baby brought onto the mother’s abdomen or lower chest immediately after birth.
  23. Baby dried but not cleaned or bathed.
  24. Cord clamping after the cord stops pulsating.
  25. Who is going to cut the cord?
  26. Oxytocin injection after delivery to help expel the placenta?
  27. Breastfeeding on demand from birth. No formula, water or glucose water.
  28. Baby to room-in at all times.
  29. Cord blood collection?.