Donagrup is a team of gynecologists from Barcelona founded in 2014 from the merge of the TST Group (Drs. Tusquets Sanfeliu and Twose) and IGMitre Group (Drs. Bassols and Marcet). Donagrup also consists of other professionals that got incorporated later, doctors Rubio Wheel Nicolau, Rodríguez, Rojas, Gamero, Franco and Aran.

The healthcare activity of the doctors from Donagrup takes place in the offices 141 and 173 of Vilana Clinic of the Quirón Teknon Hospital. Surgery, labor and delivery are attended in the Quirón Teknon Hospital, as well as the Hospital of Barcelona. Between all members of the team of Donagrup we cover such specializations as obstetrics, gynecology and reproductive medicine.